Personal Transformation Makes Us Bloom Like A Peony

‘Personal transformation’ – what does it mean?

There surely must be at least a million possible answers to this! Humans are so wonderfully varied, and ‘personal transformation‘ is as personal as it gets!

What might ‘personal transformation’ mean to you?

Does the term excite you? Does it scare you? Do you wonder why on earth anyone would want to bother?

OK – try these:

  • Are you happy with the way your life is turning out?
  • Do you feel you’re fulfilling all of your potential?
  • Do you feel free to choose the occupations that fire you up?
  • Do you believe you’re appreciated for whom you really are?
  • Do you know who you truly are?

If you can answer “yes” to most or all of these questions, congratulations, you’re someone we can all learn from. If you aren’t already, maybe you should consider teaching others how to live such a liberated, joyous life.

If not, here’s another question:

  • Do you believe you shouldn’t be free to say “yes” to all of those things?

Wait. Really?

Do you believe life is tough? A struggle? That those few who don’t find it a grind are “just lucky”?

Do you believe life happens to you, and there’s nothing much you can do about how it turns out?

If yes, then, I put it to you, you have given away all of your power to impact the course of your own life.

And you know what? It absolutely needn’t be that way!

The fundamental difference between those with happy successful lives, and those without, is in their belief about their own powers to change things. Not in their circumstances, in their beliefs.

personal transformation makes us bloom like a peonySo, I think that the short answer to ‘what is ‘personal transformation’?’ is that it is the process of consciously changing personal beliefs. When we realise that we can let go of beliefs that don’t serve us, and instead adopt beliefs that empower us and encourage us to shine, we transform. We grow, we expand, we open: like a bud opening into a flower, in full glorious bloom. And the whole world benefits. No doubts. The whole world benefits.

So I invite you to begin. Or to continue! And ever on. Because the journey brings ever increasing joy, mounting excitement, burgeoning abundance. And the whole world benefits!