How does the process work?

In essence, you and I commit to working together so you can move from where you are now towards where you want to be.

“Even the longest journey begins with a single step.”

pathThat quote has been attributed to many, including the Dalai Lama. It’s first recorded in the Tao de Ching, so it’s been circulating for several thousand years now!

It sounds a little trite, perhaps, and yet it holds a very profound truth.  The essence to changing your life is to get started!  And step by step is the most effective way to do it.

In addition, it’s a good idea to know where you want to get to and where you are now.  Without knowledge of both those points, it’s a little difficult to set a course!

So I will help you to gain clarity about your current situation and what you would like to be different.  Then I’ll be a sounding board for all the possible ways of achieving the goals you set yourself.  And, if you wish, I’ll hold you accountable for the activities you commit to.

“Without commitment and a plan, a goal is just a wish.”

Are you ready to commit to change?

Call me on 01298 937 095 for a chat about how Happiness Mentoring can help you.

No obligation, no pressure, just a chat.  Or, if you’d rather, you can email me (address in the top bar of the website).

What would you most like to change?  What would make the most difference to you, right now?  I can help you gain clarity about where you can really make some headway to get yourself feeling better and smiling more.

Session Structure

One-to-one mentoring sessions are on the phone or by Skype, whichever you prefer.  We arrange a time, and then you call me.  I encourage you to commit to 3 or 6 sessions initially, so we can be sure you’ll create some momentum for change and receive support and encouragement while you do.  Sessions are 45 minutes each and can be weekly or fortnightly.



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