Break Through to Happiness

break through to happinessMy purpose, intention and great pleasure is to help people discover their way to greater happiness and fulfillment. I support people to swap habits and behaviours they don’t want, for habits and behaviours they’d rather have.

I give talks, workshops and one-to-one sessions. My little book, Break Through to Happiness, is a quick and easy tour through solid principles.

My online course, developed from the book, has extra material and useful processes added; the course guides people through manageable steps to change their lives for the better.

I operate from the principle that we are all capable of creating happiness and fulfillment in our lives if we take on new thinking.

Without exception, if only we are prepared to take that step, and keep moving in the direction of our dreams, we can delight and astonish ourselves with what we’re truly capable of.

Would you care to share the journey?

We’re all in a similar boat, on the same broad river, heading roughly in the same direction, really. It just looks different, from each of our vantage points, because we frame it differently.

It helps to travel together. We can share what we’ve learned. We can laugh at life’s jokes! We can support each other. That’s what fires me up. That’s what my personal journey is about. Perhaps you’d like to travel with me for a while?

Break through to happiness – personal transformation with Jan Haley Brightwood. Your personal guide to becoming joyfully who you came here to be.

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Jan’s Book Shelves – books I’ve found to be helpful, inspirational, informative or just entertaining

Jan Haley Brightwood at the summit

Brightwood climbs! This is the summit of Cnicht. They call it the Welsh Matterhorn!

I used to have a serious problem with heights. I discovered on 8 December 2012, aged 48, that my vertigo is gone gone gone. Wow what a liberation!

This didn’t happen out of the blue, or by accident.  I did stretch myself on a number of occasions.  But not in any awful or deeply strenuous way.  Those who know me know I like comfort!  This is all completely achievable by anyone.

I have an absolute belief in the human spirit to rise above limitations.  All we need sometimes is for someone else to give us a bit of encouragement.  To share that belief.

I also overcame depression.  I freed my soul, changed my life and now feel profound gratitude and happiness every day.


A peace walk in the City of London on 11/11/11.

I learned to be myself, without fear.

I have a deep desire to share the joys of liberation and that is why I have become a happiness mentor. You don’t have to climb any real mountains to free your soul, but I’m well aware that life presents many problems that seem like mountains when we’re facing them. I tell you what, it’s a lot easier to climb a mountain in the company of friends!

After the hot air balloon ride

After the hot air balloon ride






I’m looking forward to hearing your voice on the other end of the phone and exploring how we can work together to help you take those all important steps in the direction of your dreams.

Bak Tor in beautiful Derbyshire

Bak Tor in beautiful Derbyshire



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Jan Haley Brightwood – Life Enthusiast – Bio

I have what you might term a ‘portfolio career’.  My first ‘proper job’ at 17 was in a renewable energy workers co-operative.  I’ve worked in tourism and public relations, marketing and retail.  I’ve been a PA, a PR consultant and a partner in my own business.   I’ve commuted and I’ve worked from home.  Lately I’ve designed websites and then taught the owners how to operate them.

Now I’m in the business of personal transformation.  I’m personally transforming, and I’m eager to share everything I’m learning with others who want to do the same.  I’m collecting skills in that area, particularly life coaching and NLP approaches and, absolutely the most exciting development, advanced therapy techniques from Greg Forde at the Atkinson-Ball College; I’m applying them to myself, and I’m passing them on.

I’m entering my 50s enthusiastically.  This is a lot better than my feeling as I entered my 40s.  I was chronically depressed, although still ‘functioning’ in the gift shop business I ran with my partner.  The truth is, I was living the wrong life.  I wasn’t being true to myself in the things I did with my time, but I didn’t know how to change it.

What qualifies me to style myself as a ‘happiness guide’?  I used to be unhappy.  I changed that.  Now I’m happy every day.  I noticed what I did.  And I’m ready to share the processes with others so that they can do the same.  I’m not claiming the ideas are mine either – they’re from a broad and eclectic range of teachers, some famous luminaries of our time, some known only to a few.  I am profoundly grateful to them all.

Mine is not an extraordinary story.  It’s played out in myriad similar ways over and over in the lives of people today.  What is truly wonderful is that ever-increasing numbers are learning how to change the way they’re seeing things.  This frees them to take action to change the way things turn out for them.  That’s the light I can shine on my story.  That’s the journey.

Jan’s Book Shelves – books I’ve found to be helpful, inspirational, informative or just plain entertaining