Is that the time?

    • cyclamen“There just isn’t enough time”
    • “I don’t have enough time”
    • “I wish I had more time”

Do you catch yourself saying this? Few of us are entirely free from those nagging phrases. I lived under their terrible pressure for years.  I always had the haunting feeling, whatever I was doing, that maybe one of the other things on my ‘to do’ list was more urgent.  I felt like time was chasing me, or I was chasing time.  Or both, in ever decreasing circles.

Here’s a lovely thought I had this morning.

‘What if … we’re really here to savour time?’

What if our purpose is to revel in this sensory experience, including our sense of time, to feed that information, that loving, grateful enjoyment of being here, back into the timeless, into the eternal, into the One?

As eternal beings of light and love, it’s kind of funny (isn’t it?) that we spend so very much of our gift of life running around feeling that we haven’t enough time.  Time, with sensory awareness, IS the gift! How ludicrous that we should twist things around and get stressed by this exquisite gift.  How typical.  How human.  Or is it?  Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say, how ‘western’.

And if you don’t believe you’re eternal?  If you think you get just this one chance and that’s it?  Even more crazy to go through this life in a frenzy.

Sensory awareness, our physical, breathing bodies, our relationships, our relatedness … and our cognitive ability to ponder and celebrate these things … these are the gifts of life, all meaningless without the sense of a linear progression, without time.  Growing up and growing old.  Sharing experiences.

I think the invitation here is for us to stop clamouring to the Cosmos that this beautiful gift of time is not enough – like a spoilt child with a glut of gifts at Christmas, hooked on opening presents and cataloging possessions but unable to enjoy any of them – and take responsibility for the time we have been given.  To learn to work with and enjoy the subjectivity and elasticity of time.  Learn to be effective with it, if we wish to be effective in life.  Stop complaining that we don’t have enough.  We have a lifetime of it! It’s up to us not to squander it.  And it’s perfectly within our power to research and then learn the ways that we can make our time more fulfilling.

Learn to love time. Love it, be filled with gratitude for it, savour it.

Time is delicious.