Oh The View Here


Onto the beach, with uncertain feet.
Over the dunes, our little crowd, in the gloom.
Into the wind, we bend.
Hushed.  Hunched.
On on on down the weary road.
On on on over the relentless hill.
Through the dank forest.
Up the barren slopes.
Into the mountains.
Beyond the choppy lake.
Over the high pass.

Oh The ViewAwed by the views.

Unlimited – the possibilities
and potential of this beautiful new land ahead.

And on on on down the sliding scree.
Into the ravine.
Across the yelling stream.
On on on eagerly now,
down the gentling slopes and into the ….

…. bright …. woods ….

…. and here, on the wide path,
strewn with Autumn’s first golden leaves,
where fruit trees thankfully spill their loads to make a feast ….

…. here, in the fresh morning air,
with the sun glinting low between the wide-spaced trunks ….

Wide Path to Happiness…. we slow.

Tentatively, we smile,
the question hovering.

And now we hug each other,
laughing, crying.

Are we here?
Oh joy!  Oh joy!
We are here!
We are here!

We are here.

Jan Haley Brightwood
9 October 2012


Brightwood Reads ‘Here’

click this link for a recording of the poem read by me


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