What is Happiness Mentoring?

sunflower smileHow would you like to have a full body smile, like the sun lighting up inside of you?  How would you like to get that feeling most days?

Take a little helping hand from someone who has found the way to be happy every day. I’m not claiming to have all the answers – far from it! I do have a good source of interesting questions, though. Because I’m certain you have all the resources you need, right now, inside the magnificent being that you already are! I just happen to have learned a few useful things to help you access your own treasures.

What useful things?

Some of these ‘useful things’ are from my own experience of nearly a decade going in and out of depression. I’ve left those days and those feelings far behind, but I haven’t forgotten what it was like or, more importantly, how I moved on to happiness as a way of being.  Many of them are tools and techniques from my training in life coaching and NLP.  The most exciting and sometimes astonishingly effective are the advanced therapy techniques learned under the tuition of Greg Forde, able to shift the most entrenched of life-long patterns.  I’ve also gained a deep and broad perspective on where we’re heading, as individuals and as a planet, through my personal studies.  Above all the deep trust I have in my intuition and the very real connection I feel with people guide and aid me during the mentoring process.

But isn’t the pursuit of happiness selfish? ~ No! No it is not!

Attending to your own inner balance and harmony first enables you to give so much more of your brilliant self to your loved ones, to your community, to the world, than ever you can when you’re stretched thin, burning out, expending energy ignoring your own needs and wants – ignoring the very things that could energize and inspire you.

Self-nurture is essential for you and for all those you love

Would you want those you love to ignore their own greatest desires in order to please you? For a day? A few weeks? A few years? A lifetime? Would you ask that of them? Then why model it to them?

peonyIt’s just that we’ve been taught that it’s selfish to think of ourselves. (Unless it’s business, in which case the norm is to ‘wage war’ on competitors and ‘target’ customers! Crazy world!)  I’m challenging that belief, along with all the great thinkers now and through history!  It’s not a belief that is serving us as individuals or as a race.

I can see an upsurge of desire for personal fulfillment with service, for happiness with giving, bubbling up everywhere, like unstoppable spring-water pushing up through the rock.  That you are reading this suggests you are feeling something of this too, a desire to improve aspects of your life.  A desire to enjoy the happiness that is your birthright, that is in fact your natural state.

Well, that’s a great joy for everyone.  Because the more you smile, the more smiles you will stimulate in others.

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