Are you just a bit unhappy every day?

break through to happiness

Let me challenge you a little here.  Do you believe people don’t necessarily deserve to feel happy most of the time?  Does some part of you believe you don’t deserve to be feeling better?  Do you have a belief that happiness just isn’t what life is all about?

You may be thinking, “No,” and that’s great.  But if you dig a little deeper … could there be an element of that somewhere in your thinking?  Try completing this sentence: “To be happy I should ….”  What pops up?  Does that mean you shouldn’t be happy right now?

Here’s my take: those kind of beliefs are just a product of our conditioning.  Which is why they’re a little hard to grab hold of.  They get buried in our subconscious minds.  They operate below the radar. Did you know that you can get rid of a belief that’s not helpful to you?  Yes, really!  There are processes we can use to shed unhelpful beliefs and choose more helpful ones.

Please allow me to offer you a helpful belief: “You are entitled to be happy, right now – and in the way that you want to be happy too, not the way someone else thinks you should be happy.”  That’s my firm belief.  (You’re welcome 🙂 .)

Ditch Unhelpful Beliefs

Where do the vast majority of our beliefs come from anyway?  We get them given to us as children.  They’re handed to us by people we depend on, people who have power and influence over us; we’d better take on all their rules about life, or they may abandon us.  To a child, abandonment is terrifying, and for good reason.  Absorbing beliefs as children is a necessary trait for survival, for social animals like us.

Think for a moment of all the different peoples around the world.  So many different cultures, with such a wondrous variety of rules about life.  Such a rich variety of beliefs.  Some of these belief systems seem almost the opposite of each other.

If you were born into – or adopted by – one of these very different cultures, you’d be thinking just like them.  Of course you would.

Doesn’t that give you pause?  How do we know who is right?  Is anyone ‘right’?  Is there any such thing as an absolutely true, correct belief?  What if you substituted the word ‘belief’ with the word ‘opinion’?  Does that shift perspectives a little?

If you’re wishing for a little more happiness in your life, be ready to let go of beliefs that get in your way. We were handed these beliefs way before we had the mental capability or physical independence to be able to choose.  Now that we’re independent adults … we can rethink our ‘rules about life’.

Happiness is an inside job.  Clearing your mind of this clutter is one of the necessary steps to allowing your natural joy to bubble up from inside you.  It’s a way to activate your very own, unique, joy generator.  Happiness is easy and natural, once the internal barriers are removed.

Ditch Unhelpful Beliefs